Thursday, September 4, 2008

World's Thinnest LCD TV is only 9.9mm thick

Sony has announced a new world record thin LCD TV that is only 9.9mm thick! The new TV is called Sony KDL-40ZX1. The specs for this TV are just as impressive as its size. The KDL-40ZX1 comes with a 40 inch screen, a weight of 26 pounds, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p cability, 120hz MotionFlow, and it also comes with a Wireless HD base station. A wireless Plasma Screen opens up the opportunity for you to mount it on a wall.

Heres the spec list for the wireless HD base station:
"The ZX1’s wireless base station supports 3 HDMI, 2 component, a S-Video, and a VGA input. An AV mouse, USB, LAN and even standard phone port is also supported! The USB port will allow you to hook up your Sony camera and display your photos in full HD." source: SonyInsider

If wireless is not for their is also a wired version of the TV, but on you only get 1 HDMI port. Also worth noting is that with the wireless version only 1080i is available compared to the 1080p version with the wired set-up.

Now how high does the world's thinnest TV with Wireless HD base cost, a grand total of $4,500. Pretty hefty price if you ask me, expected release date for the new Sony KDL-40ZX1 is November 10th.

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