Monday, March 2, 2009

Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30" LCD Monitor

Samsung SyncMaster 30-inch LCD MonitorEverybody loves things that are big. Big cars, big houses, big t.v.'s and now it seems that the love for anything big is spilling over to the computer world. Until recently, monitors didn't come in very large sizes like t.v.'s or anything like that. The biggest one you could previously get waqs around 24 inches. But our insatiable desire for big has driven us to upgrade.

Now you can get a computer monitor in a 30 inch size! There are only a handful of vendors in the market supplying this monster monitor: Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, and Samsung. Samsung has come out with the SyncMaster 305T LCD monitor that is, obviously, 30 inches. Now unlike other monitors, the SyncMaster does not come with a ton of feature sets. Included with the monitor you get one DVI ort, a USB 2.0 cable for the integrated hub, and an AC power cord.

The SyncMaster sports a 2,560x1,600 resolution but in order to view it like this you are going to need a high-end video card and a dual-link DVI cable because if you use a single-link cable then your video card will not support it thus making the highest resolution 1,920x1,440. If you like to tinker with the settings of your monitor then you will be sad to know that the only thing you can alter is the brightness. To adjust something like contrast, you must access the monitor's panel which is locked by Samsung. However, if you have a video card that has these abilities then you can adjust them from there.

The video connections for the Syncmaster are also limited. Other than the DVI port on the back left side of the monitor there are no other connection options. There are, on the other hand, four USB downstream ports and one USB upstream ports. As expected with such a big monitor it supports HDCP. A downer for this monitor is that it does not have any HDMI or component video connections which greatly limits the number of devices the screen can be connected to. You can extend the height of the screen 3" and can rotate it 30 degrees to the back and 60 degrees to the left and right by way of a lazy susan design.

The SyncMaster 305T is impressive no matter what you use it for. It plays blu-ray and regular DVD's with incredible clarity boasting a 999:1 contrast ratio. The monitor also works gretat for gaming. The picture is so clear its like you are there in the game. This 30 inch monitor is top of the line all around. While it could come with a few more features it is definatley one to look for if you are in the market. The Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30" LCD monitor comes under a price tag of around $1,330 but can normally be found cheaper online, but $1,330 is still a great deal compared to some of the other models out there so you can't go wrong with the SyncMaster 305T.

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