Tuesday, May 19, 2009

World's Thinnest LCD From LG

World's Thinnest LCDIt seems like everything we own these days has to be the slimmest or the smallest. We have to have the smallest phones, the slimmest computer and now even the slimmest t.v. With such an emphasis on size, there are different opportunities for things to happen. One of which being the goal of having the "Worlds Thinnest LCD". With their new 42in and 47in LCD tv's, LG has accomplished the feat of world's thinnest LCD.

These new tv's are the thinnest 1080p LCD TV's to use edge-lit LED backlights. These tiny tots come in at an incredible 5.9mm (0.23in) of thickness. Considering these tv's are made by LG, you can bet that the company is going to incorporate some of their signature components into the tv's. Added into the tv's is LG Display's LGS, or Light Guide Sheet, Technology. This incorporation cut the thickness in half compared to the typical LGP, or Light Guide Plates.

The tv's do pretty well performance wise. They both have an improved color gamut switching from the 72% NTSC, which was standard, to 80% NTSC. The tv's have a motion picture response time (MPRT) of 8ms. This is due to the incorporation of 120Hz technology, which reduces motion blur. Both the 42in and the 47in come in with 178/178 viewing angles, 450 cd/m2 brightness, and 10-bit LCD panels. The 47in model consumes roughly 130W of power and the 42in consumes 110W.

If your worried about transporting these tv's or mounting them on your wall, thinking they are too heavy, then I can tell you there is nothing to worry about. The 42in model weighs in at around 13.42lbs (6.1kg) with the 47in coming in at 16.06lbs (7.3kg). This is half the weight of all the typical LCD TV's on the market that also use CCFL backlights.

These tv's are definitley slim. But is slim always better? I guess we will find out when these hit store shelves later on this year.

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