Monday, November 9, 2009

LG 15-inch OLED TV

LG 15-inch OLED TVLG has just launched their 15-inch OLED South Korea. We saw a prototype of this model at this year's IFA and jaws literally dropped. This tv is only the second mass produced OLED TV to hit stores anywhere in the world. With this model going on sale it makes it the largest commercial available OLED display around.

This tv is one of the most amazing pieces of technology around today. It has a 1366xRGBx768 pixel resolution (HxV) with 16.7 million colors as well as a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. This 15-inch OLED has all azimutz angle viewing angles, a 0.01 ms response time, LVDS interface, 87% NTSC color gamut, 200/400 luminance (Peak/cd/m2) and comes with outline dimensions of 347.938x210.293x1.70-inches (HxVxT mm).

LG is planning on investing more in organic displays but this all depends on how the market finds an uprising momentum. People have been drooling over this OLED TV since late August and the thought of having it here in the states is driving most of us crazy. We should see this product hit our store shelves in December. It is coming in at a 3 million won price in South Korea which will translate roughly into $2,600 here in America. LG also plans on unveiling a 40-inch OLED TV in the "not too distant future" at which point anyone who lays eyes upon it may die of excitement. But until then, we will have to settle for the 15-inch model which is still driving us crazy.

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