Monday, December 21, 2009

Promising New TV Features in 2010

new tv features 2010There are going to be a multitude of new features found in TVs that will be released in 2010. TV’s are promised to be bigger, better, and more reasonably priced this coming year. New features are said to include more LED backlighting, faster refresh rates, 3D features, and built-in Internet connectivity.

The vast majority of the TV market that accounts for the sales in the U.S. are flat-panel, LCD TVs. This means that most of the TVs released in 2010 will possess these qualities. Bigger TVs are constantly being pushed by providers, but this year will also show other features that will differentiate one TV from the next. LED backlighting and higher refresh rates are something that will show great improvement in the coming TVs. Many will use backlighting in either an “edgelit” configuration or a full backlit design with local dimming to provide better blacks. Faster refresh rates are a guarantee as manufacturers are wishing to drastically reduce motion blur in TV sets.

Another very interesting development that is going to be pushed this year is TVs with 3D capabilities. Sony and Panasonic are the companies that have been talking the most about their 3DTVs. This feature could branch out into more than just 3D movies but also television broadcast in 3D. How cool would it be to watch a football game with the players jumping right off the screen?

The last of the most interesting developments of 2010 is the Internet capabilities that will be included within the set. With all the advances that are being made, soon enough Internet features will be found standard on TVs. This should be one of the things that manufactures are sure to push hard for.

Thin is in, so most of the newly released TVs should be even thinner than what’s already on the market. The LED backlighting technology takes up a lot less room allowing for the thinner screen. Manufacturers are also pushing more energy efficient TVs, so expect to find more environment-friendly TVs at a much more reasonable price.

OLED TVs are beginning to get plenty of attention these days, but they are not going to be mainstream any time soon. This coming year, it is expected that there should be a couple sets that are 15 inches or larger, but they will cost you more than a 32-inch LCD TV.

We can definitely look forward to these fantastic developments in 2010. Manufactures will be offering their best in the coming year.

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thesis buy said...

Oh man, the evolution of Television has been really amazinng and honestly i cannot wait for the next generaiton televisions to come which im pretty sure will be holograms or 3D rays. no need for a television set anymore.