Thursday, March 18, 2010

Panasonic's Portable Digital Viera TVs

Panasonic Portable Digital Viera TVsNobody likes to be bogged down with cords and wires these days. Every piece of technology we acquire these days has to be wireless, or at least have the ability to go wireless, or we don't want it. Due to the consumers desire for no wire, devices like computers, video game systems and even DVD players are all coming portable. But portable TVs seems to be the best idea of them all.

While portable TVs are not a new thing around the world, the idea never really caught the attention of us folks here in the U.S. But that hasn't stopped companies like Panasonic from rolling out the devices, especially in places like Japan. Over in the technological wonderland, Panasonic has unveiled two new digital Viera TVs, the DMP-HV100 and the DMP-BV200.

The 10.1-inch a-Si TFT TVs are so much more than simple portable TVs. Both sets sport a 1024x600 native resolution and can be connected to wirelessly to a Panasonic DVR to stream content via WiFi dongle. There are a few small differences between the HV100 and the BV200. The 200 model can act as a bulky PMP allowing you to download multiple forms of media files, like DivX and H.264 through an SD card.

Both models are able to watch any type of AVCHD Video from an SD, SDHC or SDX card including MEG-2, MPEG-4AVC/H.264 AVCHD, and ISDBT Mobile. Jpeg and MP3 can also be downloaded via USB or SD card. Once your DMP-BV200 or DMP-HV100 is connected to your wireless network, depending on whether or not you have a Panasonic Viera Home Theater and DVR, you can then receive streaming video or watch videos stored on your Panasonic DVR from the comfort of your couch or bedroom. This wireless option also allows you the ability to accessing YouTube or any other type of video available online.

Both these TVs have a lot of stuff crammed into them and seem like really great products. However, as of now there is no price tag attached at all as well as no official release date or whether or not the TVs will be available in the States. Until more details arise we will just have to wait and listen.

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