Sunday, April 18, 2010

2009 Sees Growth in Flat-Panel Market

2009 Sees Growth in Flat-Panel Market

Let's face it, 2009 won't exactly go down as a positive year for business, growth, or prosperity. Foreclosures were widespread, businesses were forced to close their doors, people lost their life savings, and many industries saw little or no profit. But believe it or not, one industry saw growth and sales: the flat-panel TV industry.

According to DisplaySearch, "a leading provider of reliable information, highly insightful analysis, and industry events specifically focused on the display supply chain and display-related industries," the flat-panel TV market saw a growth in excess of 32%. The growth rate is similarly to that of 2008 and that type of growth is expected to continue in 2010. Due to new technology such as LED backlights, internet connection, and 3-D, will grow 10 million to 228 million units this year.

DisplaySearch believes LCD TVs will see the strongest growth this year with a 24% increase from 2009. Plasmas are expected to increase around 6% this year, shipping more than 15 million units. DisplaySearch also says that CRT TVs will eventually fade from the market all together. In 2009, they saw a 40% decrease and this year, a 36% decrease is expected.

One reason for last year's dramatic increase is thought to be price. The average LCD TV price fell about 24% last year and this year, they are expected to fall another 5% (10% for plasmas).

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