Monday, March 28, 2011

Air Display for Mac App

Air Display for Mac AppAvatron Software, which is a leading developer of popular applications for Apple's iOS platform, just announced the release of their Air Display app, which is available on the Apple App Store. The Air Display app is capable of turning a Mac OS X computer into a secondary wireless monitor to be used in conjunction with another Mac or Windows PC. This is not the first Air Display app from Avatron. The original app debuted in the iOS App Store back in May 2010 making your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an extra wireless monitor which allows you to add up to 70% additional screen space to your computer. According to CEO of Avatron Software David Howell, "We were amazed by the response Air Display for iOS received in the marketplace and the accolades from the press. As our users have grown accustomed to the productivity advantages of using a second monitor, we've been inundated with a Mac port of Air Display. We're thrilled to announce Air Display for Mac, and to let people use their Mac laptop as an extra display while they work at their desktop computer." Air Display for Mac is able to operate in a window as well as in full screen and also adds a new feature that allows you to connect over Ethernet, which allows it to operate much faster than WiFi. The performance of Air Display for Mac is very responsive and employs a dynamic compression algorithm. Air Display for Mac does require Mac OS X 10.6 or higher with an Intel CPU. The Windows PC support software requires XP (32-bit only), Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Just like Air Display for iOS, both computers must be connected to the same local network whether via WiFi or Ethernet. "Studies have shown that using a second monitor increases work productivity," explained Howell. "For anyone who already owns two computers, or a computer and an iPhone or iPad, Air Display is an extremely cost-effective way to enjoy the efficiency of a dual-monitor configuration." The Air Display for Mac application is now available in the Apple App Store for a reasonable $19.99. This app is also a part of Avatron's highly acclaimed family of productivity apps. Source: PR Newswire - 'Air Display for Mac' App Turns Computer Into Secondary Monitor

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ProPhotographyNow said...

wow. that's awesome.
i need to update my monitor!

Thomas said...

It's nice to have an Air monitor next your main screen for background processen.