Monday, June 20, 2011

Samsung Creates Prototype Folding AMOLED Display

SamsungEver been playing a game on your PC and get so frustrated that you just want to grab your monitor and throw it across the room? Yeah, me too. Well, that really isn't the most financially efficient way to play games. Computer monitors are expensive and breaking one is never a good idea. However, researchers may have hit a breakthrough with a visually seamless AMOLED screen that has the ability to be folded with absolutely no resulting crease.

This prototype, which was created, designed and built by researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea, was put through rigorous testing against 100,000 folding-unfolding cycles. The results of the testing produced absolutely no visible creasing and only a 6% decrease in screen brightness at the pivot line.

The AMOLED display consists of two panels placed on the bottom and top layer of silicone rubber. A protective glass cover is then placed on top of the optic sandwich for protection from scratches. This also allows it to act as a touchscreen. All of the components are placed inside a case that folds to a 180° angle that positions the two panels on top of each other.

Samsung has been talking about this type of technology for a while now, especially at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. While this isn't the single-piece rollable color screen we may have been thinking of, it is still a giant step forward.

Source: PC World - Samsung's Prototype AMOLED Folding Display Bends, Doesn't Break

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