Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monitors and Flat-Panels Decreasing in Size, Weight and eWaste

Flat Panel televisionThe CEA, otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Association, has just issued a report that gave details on the significance of the size and weight of our current-generation flat-panel TVs compared to previous incarnations. The report also indicated that e-waste recycling volumes have diminished as last-generation flat-panel tvs are being replaced in homes.

The report, which is titled "Materials Footprint Reduction of Televisions and Computer Monitors: 2004-2010", noted that flat=panel televisions of this day and age are 82% lighter and 75% smaller on average than previous models of similar screen sizes.In addition to that, the report also noted that 40" to 70" flat-panel televisions weigh 34% less than 13" to 36" CRT tvs.

According to VP of Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability with CEA Walter Alcorn, "The staggering reductions in materials in TVs and computer monitors have real and lasting environmental benefits, from the supply chain through recycling and disposal. Dramatically lighter and smaller TVs and monitors reduce the amount of resources needed to manufacture the product and slash the amount of required packaging and fuel used to transport these products. Furthermore, the sun-setting of CRT TVs is vastly reducing the amount of electronics to be recycled."

The CEA has coordinated the eCycling Leadership Initiative, which has a goal to recycle 1 billion pounds of electronics annually by the year 2016. The initiative has also targeted set measurement and transparency as one of its key principles as well as bolstering consumer education of eCycling. The initiative also plans on increasing the number of recycling locations and infrastructure needed to reach the 1 billion pound annual goal. This report is the first of many planned technical reports on issues relating to end-of-life electronics.

Source: Twice - CEA Study Sees Flat-panels Decreasing eWaste

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