Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AOC's New e2343Fi Monitor Doubles as an iPhone/iPod Dock

AOC e2343FiIf you are one of those people who is completely attached to your iPhone, you may want to listen up. There are some people out there that literally cannot live unless their iPhone is within their reach at all times, and those people, while being extremely clingy, now have a monitor that seems to be designed specifically for them. I'm talking about AOC's new e2343Fi computer monitor that comes complete with a specified iPhone dock built-in.

That's right, this 23" monitor comes with an iPhone dock built in and located directly under the screen on the device's base. The monitor itself looks pretty snazzy. The bezel is incredibly thin and the slick black frame makes it very easy on the eyes. As far as the dock is concerned, docking your iPhone onto your monitor will allow you to shoot videos and content directly from the phone to your monitor. In addition to that, the dock also uses SRS Premium Sound loudspeakers for superior sound quality.

The ability to shoot video directly to your monitor's screen and improve upon the audio quality transforms your standard computer monitor into a multimedia station for Apple enthusiasts. The good news is that the e2343Fi is also compatible with iPods as well, further increasing its functionality and usability. This device will be on show at next month's CES 2012 where AOC will also be displaying a new 23" 3D monitor as well as a mobile USB display. The USB display can work as a portable monitor or a digital picture frame, doubling its value as well. Unfortunately, there is no word at this time on pricing or availability.

Source: Slash Gear - AOC unveils new e2343Fi monitor with iPhone dock

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