Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lenovo Unveils Android 4.0 HDTV at CES 2012

Lenovo Idea TV
Companies are really starting to make waves in terms of computer monitors and televisions. People flipped out when they announced LED TVs and went crazy over Google TV but now there is something even greater to drool over, Android 4.0 TV. That's right, Lenovo has officially unveiled its first generation Idea TV, a 55" HDTV that has comes with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reports are coming in from all over about the device which is on display at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show right now. The device is a full 1080p HD television that centers around an Android-based home screen, dubbed by Lenovo as the "Sandwich Screen". From here you use a touchpad located on the TV's remote to navigate between a standard TV feed, a video-on-demand screen and an apps screen with all of the video-on-demand content streamed via Lenovo's servers directly to the television.

Lots of reports are complimenting the device's smooth operation, especially compared to remote-based interfaces out there. In addition to that smooth operation, the 1.5GHz processor in the television makes switching between things very quick. Also, moving between the home screen, video-on-demand screen and apps screen is also very quick and precise.

Lenovo also noted that the Idea TV will also allow you to stream content wirelessly from your tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop or any other device in your house or from 200GB of cloud storage that Lenovo is also throwing in with the Idea TV. Overall, reports are saying that the television handles like you would want it to and that everything runs smoothly and quickly, allowing for easy and enjoyable transitioning between medias.

The only real problem with the Idea TV is that Lenovo will only be releasing the first generation model in China. It is still unclear as to whether or not this device would actually succeed on the market, but if it does well in China, you can expect Lenovo to start branching out the second generation Idea TV to an extended customer market.

Source: Gizmodo - Eyes On Lenovo's 55-Inch Idea Android HDTV: It Might Make You Want to Move to China

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