Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Trying to Control Your TV with Android Voice Commands

Google TVAccording to a patent filed last fall with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Google is creating a voice recognition interface for controlling your TV via your Android device, similar to Apple's Siri voice command interface. Apple describes the patent as a cloud-based system for issuing voice commands to an Android phone. This will then control a set-top box, smart TV, DVR or any other device.

The technology will work similarly to Siri, which is still in beta testing. Voice commands made to your Android device will be taken to the cloud to be interpreted and contextualized. This will essentially allow you to do many things, including looking for a specific program or sporting event by simply speaking into your phone.

The patent also says that users will be able to issue commands from up to a quarter of a mile away so that when they arrive home, their phones will automatically turn their TVs on and tune to the specific program they want to watch. This will also work for music, which could allow many a Casanova to set some mood music before bringing a date home.

Another cool feature outlined by the patent will automatically switch your TV over to a program you have inquired about before, provided that it is currently playing on some channel. You can also schedule a reminder to watch it if it isn't on yet or record it if you won't be home at the scheduled airing.

While this definitely seems cool, Google isn't the only company currently working on adding voice command functionality to televisions. Lenovo also recently announced a voice command TV while Samsung has already debuted a remote control that recognizes voice commands. Samsung takes it a step further, though, by also adding touchscreen functionality to the remote as well. Apple's rumored iTV will also, without a doubt, incorporate the actual Siri voice recognition software, which Google's technology is based off of.

Source: PC World - Patent Reveals Google TV With Siri-Like Voice Recognition

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