Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Samsung Debuts New Smart Station Monitor

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (Sepco) is trying to further strengthen its top position in the smartphone, tablet and PC industries with its introduction of the Samsung Smart Station monitor, a central hub that connects all of your devices into a notebook PC. According to Business Unit Director of IT for Sepco Eric Sulit, "We are No. 1 in those categories in the first quarter of the year. We are making these products work very well."

Sulit noted that the Samsung Galaxy Y outsold all other feature phones in the market last holiday season and added, "This was the No. 1 selling phone during the last holiday season." Sulit also mentioned that Samsung also holds the top spot in the computer monitor market with over a 40% share. "Our engineers have been working overtime to produce a monitor that will improve how one uses it. The end result of their work is that in a single connection you can connect your PC to your mobile phone, to your printer, to your keyboard and to your mouse."

The Samsung Smart Station monitor does way more than simply display images from a PC. A single USB connection allows you to dock the PC to a 24" full HD monitor complete with keyboard, mouse, external hard drive disk or printer. In addition to that, the monitor has a mobile HD link that allows you to display the mobile phone's content on the monitor as well. Another feature is the mobile control. The keyboard and mouse can be used to control a smartphone as well, adding extra usability.

Samsung also debuted its wireless printer along with the Smart Station, which prints documents via WiFi, even if there isn't a nearby router. The printer also allows wireless scanning as well. According to Sulit, "Now you can scan, save and print using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet." The printer, which is also a monochrome multi-function laser printer, has the ability to send faxes as well, making it a true multifarious device.

Samsung is seeking to maintain the number one spot in the PC, smartphone, tablet and monitor industries and they may be very capable of doing so, especially with the release of such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and this new Samsung Smart Station monitor. The Samsung Smart Station monitor runs for around $400.

Source: Business Mirror - Samsung aims for top post in IT market with new offerings


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