Thursday, June 18, 2009

The New Samsung PN50B850 Plasma Screen

samsung plasmaThe new Samsung PN50B850 1080 p plasma is certainly what we can call a true “flat screen” TV. This beautiful creation is currently the thinnest big-screen television available on the market. It measures only 1.2-inches thick and still is able to offer a multitude of fascinating features.

The PN50B850 sits atop a metallic swivel base and features a glossy black bezel with transparent outside edges making for a clean, chic appearance. There are also no annoying indicator lights, the Samsung logo found on the lower bezel does not illuminate, and the touch-sensitive controls for the TV can easily be found on the right hand side. The control for the PN50B850 is amber-backlit and features clearly labeled buttons, tactile feedback, and quick-acting performance.

The number of integrated input connections has multiplied for the PN50B850. It contains a variety of ports including: four HDMI, VGA, component video, RF input, Ethernet jack, and two USB ports. The set also includes cable guides and wire holders to hide the many different cables and connections you will be hooking up through your TV.

The PN50B850 is easily synchronized to an active broadband connection in your home. This enables simplified firmware updates and quick access to the TV’s Content Library. Having a broadband connection set up also allows for customizable applications powered through Yahoo Widget Gallery. This includes news and weather updates and access to sites including Flickr and Twitter. The multimedia player featured on the set supports a variety of files such as MP3, JPEG, DivX, MKV, MP4, MPEG-2, and several others. There is also a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device that allows for the viewing of text messages, call information, and saved media files on the TV screen.

The Samsung PN50B850 is 50-inches of pure plasma bliss. With its 1920 x 1080 resolution, EnergyStar compliance, and variety of luxurious features, what more could you really ask for? It has a starting price of $2,299.00, which is a pretty good deal for the fantastic package that Samsung is delivering. Considering all the facts, I would say if this plasma screen is in your budget, it is one to certainly check out further.

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