Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Worlds First Curved Display

NEC is releasing the world’s first Curved Monitor this summer. The CRV43 curved ultra-wide display is a huge 43-inch monitor with a native resolution of 2880x900px. The downside, it costs $8000! Ya, pretty high of a cost, but what do you expect from the worlds first curved monitor.

The new NEC 43 inch curved monitor is basically 4 LCD Screens combined in one. No longer do you have an annoying spaces in between each monitor and also it is curved giving to give it the perfect viewing angle.

It also features a lightning fast response time of .02 seconds and comes with DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 inputs. Some problems I could see with this is anything being able to support this at its native resolution i.e. xbox, television, or watching a movie in fullscreen. Also The back looks huge on this thing, almost like an old CRT monitor and the weight on this thing has to be enormous. Also lets not forget the enormous price tag on this thing of $8000. Just imagine though playing your favorite racing game or flight simulator on this though, that would really be worth the extra penny.

Overall looks great and its curved, but the price sucks. Expect this to be out sometime this June of 2009.


Darren Atkinson said...

Wow! - Really nice looking piece of equipment there.

I think your right, hardly anything would be able to support the resolution of the thing, certainly not a current gaming console.

I do believe bigger and better displays will be more important in the future than physical PC's, as it seems the majority of processing will occur in the 'cloud'.

Market said...

Hey, so tempting, must buy.