Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LG Skinny Frame Plasma HDTVs

LG Skinny Frame Plasma HDTVLG is giving us another reason to keep believing in Plasma tvs with their new pair of Plasma HDTVs dubbed "Skinny Frame". The name skinny Frame comes from the less than 25mm thinness of the plasma screens. Now 25mm isn't ridiculously thin but I don't think anybody is going to hate on it because of that.

LG is offering up 2 different models for the Skinny Frame, the 50-inch 50PK550 and the 60-inch 60PK550. Both models share the same spec sheet which is seems to be pretty solid. Both models offer 600Hz technology refresh rate, mega contrast ratio, automatic contrast adjustment based on lighting conditions, full HD resolution 3 HDMI ports and one USB port.

The Skinny Frames will both be able to display images in full HD and will also be able to play photos and videos via the USB port. The specs on these models are good but the price may say otherwise as the 50-inch model comes in at around $1,500 with the 60-inch pricing at around $3,325 US. Neither model is available in the United States yet but both are available in Korea.

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