Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sony BDP-S470 3D-Ready Blu-ray Player

Sony BDP-S470 Blu-ray PlayerToday Sony launched their new BDP-S470 stand-alone Blu-ray player. But what makes this device special is that it is Sony's first stand-alone Blu-ray player that is also 3D-ready. The device, which is said to ship later this month, will be able to handle BD, DVD, CD and even SA-CD along with a 3D Blu-ray upgrade that you can get via Firmware.

The BDP-S470 has a pretty decent spec sheet tacked onto it. The device comes with full HD 1080p single-disc Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SA-CD, Blu-ray 3D ready, a BRAVIA monolithic design, BRAVIA internet video and BD-LIVE, wireless LAN Ready with a USB wireless LAN adapter sold separately, entertainment database browser with Gracenote technology, BD remote with a free iPhone/iPod Touch remote app, photo/music/video playback via USB and DLNA with the Firmware update, DVD upscaling to 1080p with Precision Cinema HD upscaling and Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master audio decoding.

The Firmware update isn't set to be released until later this summer but the BDP-S470 has already been launched and should be on your store shelves later this month with a $200 price tag. For all of you out there that were planning on getting the BDP-S570 BD player or the BDV-E770W or BDV-E570 Blu-ray Disc home theater systems but are now upset about the BDP-S470's 3D upgrade don't worry about it because these systems will also be receiving the Gratis 3D upgrade as well. Looks like we won't be escaping the 3D generation anytime soon.

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