Thursday, July 22, 2010

LG's New 3D Monitor Has G-Mode Gaming Option

LG's New 3D Monitor Has Gaming Option

LG announced a whole new line of 3D products today, which include computers, monitors, and projectors. Though there is no word on when the products will be released in the United States, lots of people are excited about getting their hands on these products, particularly the 3D desktop monitor.

The W63D monitor is said to have a 120Hz refresh rate so that there is not a lot of flicker when it is used with 3D glasses. It also has a 70,000: 1 contrast ratio. One of the neatest features is the "G-Mode" gaming option, which allows the monitor to control brightness to reduce eyestrain.

In addition to the monitor, LG will offer two desktop computers, two laptops, and a 3D projector with glasses. The new technology will hit stores in Korea this week.

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