Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Samsung TV Apps Are Pretty Cool

Samsung TV Apps Are Pretty Cool

If you haven't purchased a television in a few years, you're probably shocked to learn what all you can get these days. From HD to 3D, TVs aren't what they used to be and now, some of them even allow you to connect directly to the internet. Samsung has been taking advantage of this type of technology for a few years now, and even has its own apps.

Their store, Samsung Apps, is available on all of the company's 3D TVs and other higher-end models, and just like with your smartphone, you can download more apps if you want. Right now, all apps are free, but later this year, the company plans to start adding paid apps to the mix, as they begin to allow developers to start creating them.

Right now, you can find a variety of apps in the Samsung Apps store - casual games, social networking, and video services such as YouTube to name a few. But with the company's goal to be like the Apple App Store or Google's Android Market, you can expect a lot more in the future.
At, they reviewed every single Samsung app. Overall, the apps got good reviews or were said to have a lot of potential:

- The YouTube app is said to have its negatives and positives. On the plus side, you can do almost anything you can do on the actual website and even a little bit more. On the down side, "official" videos such as those from musicians and television shows do not show up in search results.

- The review for the Facebook app was very positive. According to the website, it's even better than many of the Facebook apps you find on smartphones. It is said to be simple, easy to navigate, and allows you to do everything you'd do on the web.

- If it's music you're looking for, the Pandora app allows you stream free music through your television. You will have to activate your account via your computer, but once you're set up, you can create your own stations, rate songs, and crank up some tunes.

For reviews on other Samsung apps, including AP News Ticker, Google maps, Skype, and many more, visit

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