Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Is Better Than One

It is becoming a common sight today to see computers being run with more than one monitor. For casual computer users this may seem distracting and unnecessary. In reality having multiple screens can have many perks that most people might not even realize until they hook up the second screen. Dual monitors are great for everything from pictures, to web surfing, and especially gaming.

Digital pictures have almost completely replaced film, and with dual screens amateur digital photographers can organize their hobby more quickly and easily. One screen can be used to browse thumbnails while the other is being used to edit the photo and bring it into focus. While editing multiple photos, it is much easier to have two screens and be able to scroll through the pictures while not blocking the view of the picture currently being edited.

For people who need to keep email or social networking sites open while working, dual monitors are ideal. While internet tabs can keep multiple windows open, they do not let the user know when an email or message is received, and with dual monitors both windows can be kept in plain sight at all times.

Dual monitors are most useful for computer gamers. The two screens can be set to act as one large screen, doubling the picture for the gamer. With this extra screen space it is possible to keep an eye on everything going on in the game world without unnecessary scrolling. If the second monitor isn't being used for a larger view, it can be used to keep open a weapon or tool screen so the player can avoid wasting time clicking to open such screens.

Almost any computer can double up on monitors. Plasma or LCD flat screen monitors take up very little room and can offer major screen real estate. For the price conscious, CRT monitors can still be used for dual monitors. Even laptops can have a second desktop screen attached. The possibilities for a second monitor are endless and something to consider for serious computer users.
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