Thursday, October 21, 2010

VideoWave HDTV: The Newest Technology from Bose

bose videowave
Bose is a company that has been providing high-end audio equipment and accessories since 1964. They provide anything from home theater sound systems to headphones for customers that are willing to pay dearly for their excellent quality. Well, Bose has finally expanded into the television and home theater field. On Thursday, October 14th Bose released their latest technology which they have been developing for the past ten years, the new VideoWave Entertainment System.

The entertainment system consists of four different pieces – a 46-inch LCD TV, a separate console connected by a Bose cable, an iPod dock, and an amazing remote control. All of these pieces are new and completely unique to Bose. When combined together, I believe that these pieces create one of the most incredible home theater experiences that I have ever witnessed. So what makes this system worth the $5,349 price tag? Well, here are just a few of the reasons.

The TV
The 46-inch screen offers a 1080p image, which isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen on a TV before, but it definitely isn’t bad. When I saw the screen in Bose, I thought that the picture was crisp, clean, and vibrant. It was definitely something that I was impressed by. The picture is not the main attraction with this TV though. The sound on the VideoWave is what absolutely blew me away. When you purchase the LCD TV from Bose, you will not need to install one single extra speaker. The set provides incredible surround sound from within the TV itself.

Inside the TV there are 16 speakers, six subwoofers, and some breathtaking new technology that sends flawless sound from the TV into every single corner of the room. Therefore, the sound is coming from the TV set but can be heard everywhere around you. Bose calls this technology PhaseGuide, and it is absolutely amazing.

The Remote
bose videowave remoteThe remote for the LCD TV is different than any other remote that I have ever seen. It is extremely simple, as it only has buttons for power, input, channel, volume, mute, and back. They decided that they only wanted to put the buttons that you would universally need. In the center of the remote there is a directional pad that is surrounded by a touch pad. The touch pad allows you to access all of the other buttons not featured on the actual remote. When you touch the touch pad, the picture on the screen will shrink and become surrounded by a rectangular menu that shows all of the other controls you may want to use.

The remote can take a little getting used to, but once you discover where the other buttons are located on the screen, it becomes quite simple to utilize. The remote really seems ingenius. It makes so much sense to simplify the remote and eliminate the unnecessary buttons from the physical remote.

The Console and Dock
The console is the connection hub for all of your extra devices like your Blu-ray player, DVD player, gaming consoles, etc. You can connect up to five devices to VideoWave at one time. There is also an iPod dock that is included. It’s a pretty standard iPod dock, but it does display your iPod’s menu on the TV screen which is incredibly convenient. You can control everything via the remote, which is also great. Another great feature included on the VideoWave is called Video Mute. This feature allows you to turn off the screen and video, leaving only the audio playing. This makes the VideoWave a great audio player as well as a fantastic TV.

The VideoWave is an absolutely fantastic home theater system. Unfortunately, since the system is $5,349, this set is not for everyone. You definitely have to pay for the excellent quality that Bose is providing. If you’re ready to make the leap with this new technology from Bose, then you most definitely won’t be disappointed. For the price Bose will also install the system in your home. If you’re interested in the VideoWave Entertainment System from Bose, then you will have to find a Bose store in your area to see the home theater system in action. Bose is only selling these new LCD TVs in their stores. For more information talk to your local Bose representatives.

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