Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HP Sues AU Optronics for Fixing LCD Panel Prices

AU OptronicsHP recently filed a law suit against AU Optronics in which HP accused the company of conspiring to fix prices of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display panels according to the filing.

According to a document filed on August 19 in federal court in San Francisco by HP Vice President and General Manager for HP's Displays Business Jun Kim, a complaint for damages alleging violations of antitrust laws was filed under seal in order to conceal confidential information about HP's process for acquiring LCD panels from HP's competitors.

According to a related document, AUO and other companies "conspired to fix the prices of LCD panels". The document is related to a complaint about a pending group case that was filed against LCD makers on behalf of purchasers of the screens used in personal computers, televisions and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Yawen Hsiao, a spokeswoman for AUO, was not immediately aware of the complaint when recently contacted for information by multiple media outlets. Hsiao also declined to comment further on anything regarding such complaints or a lawsuit between AUO and HP. HP is one of the largest clients AUO has and provides the company with panels used in laptops and computer monitors.

However, if it is true that HP is suing AUO for fixing prices, it wouldn't be surprising. The Taiwanese company was indicted last year for supposedly conspiring to fix prices on flat-panel screens sold around the world. The conspiracy lasted from 2001 until 2006. Apple, Dell and HP were among the many companies directly affected by the supposed scheme according to the United States Justice Department.

Source: Bloomberg - HP Sues AU Optronics in U.S. Court Alleging It Fixed Prices of LCD Panels

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