Monday, November 21, 2011

Sony Introduces New PlayStation 3D Display

Sony PlayStation 3D Display
It is no surprise that Sony loves its 3D technology as the company keeps pushing the gimmick on its users year after year and touting the technology's "future potential". However, Sony has taken their love for 3D to the next level by creating a PlayStation-branded 3D computer monitor. This monitor is specifically designed to hook up to your PS3 with ease and guide you to 3D enjoyment and is aimed to be an ideal entry-level demonstration of the company's 3D technology.

The display itself is thin and light and extremely portable allowing you to take it almost anywhere. In addition to being easily portable, the device is easily assembled with an easy-to-install stand, showing that Sony definitely has usability as the focus. Connectivity is simple as well. You can connect the Sony PlayStation 3D Display to either a PS3 console or a PC via HDMI cable.

The display only has two USB ports and no TV tuner so you know that its intended purpose is to be a streamlined, user-friendly console display. There are also very few customization options once hooked up. You can switch between two 3D modes and there are also controls for channel and volume settings, all of which are situated behind the screen. In addition to that, there is no remote that comes with the monitor, which some users may find bothersome, especially considering the device has no standby mode and will need to be manually switched every time you want to use it.

The screen is highly reflective and presents a beautiful mirror image. It's almost needlessly glossy, much like Sony's PSP and while it looks good, you may want to reconsider playing it near any light sources. Be careful with touching the screen too as it seems like fingerprints are very likely to show up.

Once turned on you get a nice picture on the 240Hz LCD display with bright colors and a solid contrast and games look very good as well. As far as 3D goes, this device is decent though some games have a tendency to ghost pretty badly. This monitor supports Simulview, which uses the 3D glasses to have two players seeing entirely different things on the screen. Local co-op with two players is possible with each having the entire screen to themselves. How this works is beyond me but it sounds cool. Unfortunately, this only works on a handful of 3D Sony games.

$500 seems a little steep, especially considering there are a lot of other 3D monitors out there that are better and only slightly more expensive. However, the small size may be attractive for gamers with tight space who are looking for a fairly good 3D gaming monitor.

Source: Destructoid - Review: Sony PlayStation 3D Display

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