Monday, November 7, 2011

HP Unveils New TouchSmart 620 All-in-One 3D PC

HP TouchSmart 620
There are a lot of innovations in the computer world these days, two of the biggest being 3D and all-in-one devices. On the one hand, you have the option of playing games and watching movies and content in full 3D quality, on the other you have the convenience of having your tower and monitor all rolled into one device, freeing up a lot of space in your office or at your desk at home. However, HP thinks that these two innovations should become one and has created a device to make that happen. Meet the HP TouchSmart 620 3D Edition.

The TouchSmart 620 3D Edition is a tower-free desktop that HP is adding to its already populated lineup of all-in-one PCs. This device is the love child of the HP TouchSmart 610 and a 23" 3D touchscreen monitor, and inside the rather bulky (for an all-in-one) 4.1" thick display you'll find a 3.1GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory, a 1.5TB hard drive, Blu-ray drive and an AMD Radeon HD 6650 (or 6670) graphics card. That is pretty good, especially if you consider the fact that the mid-range 6670 debuted in April and is capable of averaging frame rates in the low 30s on games like Crysis 2 on high settings in the device's native 1,920 x 1,080 resolution.

In addition to that, the TouchSmart 620 also keeps the flexible ergonomics of the TouchSmart 610. The screen is capable of swiveling up to 180 degrees and reclines up to 60 degrees (nearly flat), allowing you to have considerable leverage when moving things around to mitigate glare or other effects. Fire up 3D mode and you will be using software from TriDef designed to make accessing the 3D capabilities of the display more user-friendly.

The base model of the device, which will cost you $1,800, includes a dual-lens camera capable of grabbing 3D video as well as still shots, a TV tuner and also comes with a pair of active shutter glasses.

This isn't the first all-in-one PC to come with 3D capabilities, however. Sony, Lenovo, MSI and Asus have all debuted 3D all-in-ones as well. However, as far as pricing goes, the HP TouchSmart 620 is less expensive than Sony's Viao L-Series 3D Edition, which comes with an i7 processor and a 3TB hard drive for $2,300. On the other hand, the TouchSmart 620 is considerably more expensive than Lenovo's IdeaCenter B520 that offers an i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT 555M GPU for $1,300.

Nevertheless, people are, for some reason, obsessed with 3D these days, so this device will obviously find itself in more than a few homes, if only for the HP brand, not to mention the fact that this device is aimed at the holiday season. Whether or not people will care in a year or so is still up in the air.

Source: Techland - Hello, 3D PC! HP Unveils TouchSmart 620 All-in-One

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