Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple Eyeing 5% Market Share in HDTV Industry

The HDTV market is rich with competition but is still dominated by names like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung. However, that may all be coming to an end if Apple decides to throw its hat in the ring with an Apple TV. If this predictions truly comes to fruition, it is expected that Apple will make a significant mark in the industry.

Ben A. Reitzes, an analyst for Barclays Capital, has envisioned a world where an Apple TV in the HDTV market could net almost $17 billion in revenue in its first year and climb all the way to the point of controlling 5% of the market share. In a statement from Reitzes, "Apple's eventual television could be so much more than a TV - including gaming, video, communication, content delivery, apps, computing and all the capabilities of the current Apple TV - it is not really fair to compare it to products already available on the market."

A while back, Apple bragged that it could get 1% of the entire cell phone market. Many people found this statement amusing, never believing that Apple would ever achieve such a high expectation. Fast forward to today and those naysayers are pretty quiet as Apple has clearly dominated the smartphone market for the past five years.

That's why not many people are finding the idea of Apple having a 5% market share in the HDTV industry that surprising. The Cupertino giant has already shown that it is capable of lighting a fire under the most dull, rigid and inflexible markets so doing the same to the HDTV industry shouldn't be that hard.

It has already been reported that Apple has approached Rogers and Bell, two Canadian carriers, to integrate their services with iTV. Full details on that partnership are, of course, extremely secretive so we probably won't be getting any new information for quite some time. However, it does go to show you just how innovative Apple can be. Many people believe that we will be seeing an Apple HDTV on the market by the end of this year, provided we live that long.

Source: TG Daily - Apple could take 5% of HDTV market

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Unknown said...

I have a feeling this may be just a first step into a long range plan where your TV, ISP , Entertainment Center and whatever else become the focal point of your house.