Monday, February 27, 2012

Canadian Companies May Have Early Apple TV Prototypes

New reports about an Apple HDTV are coming in every day, including this new one that suggests that Apple is currently talking to Rogers Communications Incorporated and Bell Canada Enterprises (both located in Canada) about a possible TV deal. These talks are so serious, in fact, that both Bell and Rogers reportedly have a prototype of Apple's TV in their development labs right now, that is if reports from Canada's biggest national newspaper The Globe and Mail are correct.

Both companies offer wireless, internet, home phone and TV services in Canada and both companies also own a lot of different Canadian television brands. All of these services may also be vital for Apple to get its TV into physical form. According to a statement from an anonymous source to The Globe and Mail, "They're looking for a partner...with wireless and broadband capabilities."

However, the report fails to mention any type of content plans from Apple for its new TV, like whether or not the set would exclusively offer online streaming content or include connections for standard cable or satellite TV. Apple may be looking for a partner with cable providers to make sure that the TV works with broadcast television services from major providers without any problems. But you never know with secretive Apple. The partnership could go farther down the rabbit hole to a place where Apple's hardware is sold exclusively through your cable or internet service provider.

Aside from the two Canadian companies, there haven't been any reports of American cable providers working this closely with an Apple TV. USA Today did report back in January that the company was having some trouble securing content deals for an Apple TV with American content providers. CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves also hinted during an earnings call that CBS had decided against "joining Apple TV."

Apple TV rumors took off after the death of former Apple CEO and Co-Founder Steve Jobs when Walter Isaacson released Steve Jobs' autobiography. In the book, Jobs was quoted saying "I finally cracked it," referring to solving the problem of a user-friendly TV interface. Right after the book was published, the New York Times claimed that Apple was planning a TV that had voice commands ala Siri and could ship as early as 2013. But for now, everything is all rumor.

Source: PC World - Apple's Expected Television Set May Be in TV Makers' Hands

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