Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are You Really Watching HD On Your HDTV

The Leichtman Research Group recently conducted a phone survey and reported that 18 percent of HD television owners think they are watching HD television when in reality they are not. In my opinion I find this very believable and in fact I could see it being much higher than this. The reason I say this is mostly people around the age of 16-25 are the only people who really know how to hook up an HDTV, but most people around 16-25 do not have $800-$2000 sitting around to buy an HDTV.

The first thing you need to make sure when you get your HDTV is to connect it right which requires you to first of all buy the premium High Definition Plan on you cable or satellite. So make sure you do not just plug in the cable straight into your television and expect HD quality television.

Once you get your cable or satellite box and you have upgraded to the HD plan then your next step is to connect your HD box to your television with the appropriate cables. In almost all cases an HDMI cable will do the trick. It will send both the video and the audio signal and all you need to do is connect the HDMI cable from your HDMI output in your HD cable box to the HDMI input on your Television. Any new HD cable box should have an HDMI output, but if yours does not then you will have to use compenent cables.

Finally once this is all hooked up do not expect every single channel to be broadcasted in HD. Only certain channels will be broadcasted in HD and make sure to contact your cable or satellite provider to find out which channels you have in HD.

Also CNET has a great how to connect to HD video here.

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