Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry HDTV…. I can’t see you.

Are your eyes good enough for HDTV?High Definition in the world of display technology usually refers to 720 horizontal lines, or more, of video format resolution.

HDTV has taken over the world of television viewing, there in most homes, all the good sports bars and by some estimates as many as 90% of new commercials are being shot with HDTV in mind. It’s not just TVs, these days if it has a screen it is more than likely HD. The problem with this is. If you are one of the third of the country that wears glasses or contacts then an HDTV may not be for you, unless of course you are up for a trip to the eye Doctor for a new prescription. 

Dispensing optician Phillip Hyde recommends that if you are interested in HDTV you may first want to schedule an eye exam to make sure you are ready and able to get the full benefit from these TV's. If you have poor eye sight that is simply not correctable you may want to invest in an HDTV set just for the ease of viewing a large screen.

On the bright side those who do suffer from poor eyesight might want to consider saving a little money by buying a set that’s a model or two down from the "bleeding edge" of HDTV technology. Becasue according to Phillip Hyde you most likely will not be able to see the difference anyway. But of courses it’s your money.

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