Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dell's New LCD Monitors ST2210 & ST2310

Dell's New LCD Monitors ST2210 & ST2310

Dell is adding to its ST Family of HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitors. Now that their 24-inch ST2410 LCD monitor is on the market, the company has announced that they are selling two smaller models: the ST2201 and the ST2310. Dell promises "amazing clarity and realism" and "elegance, fluid geometry and creative technology."

The St2210 is a 21-5 panel and it has 1080p resolution and 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It has 250 nits of brightness, a five millisecond response time, and HDMI/VGA/DVI inputs. It is available for $259. The ST2310 is similar, only slightly larger at 23 inches and it retails for $229.

Dell promises that the new ST monitors are all super-energy efficient. However, while you can angle the monitors forward and backwards, you can't adjust the height up or down.

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