Saturday, September 12, 2009

Panasonic's New $30,000 85-inch Plasma

Panasonic's New $30,000 85-inch Plasma

If you want a really big Plasma TV, Panasonic's got the deal for you! For a mere $30,000, you can purchase Panasonic's TH-85PF12U, which is being called the industry's first 85-inch, full-HD, 1080p plasma.

The body depth is 3.9 inches and it weighs approximately 260 pounds. Screen dimensions are 74.4 inches by 41.8 inches. According to CNET, the screen size would be the equivalent of putting four 42 inch plasmas together. But according to Panasonic, the TV is still much thinner and lighter than most Plasmas.

While large Plasma Televisions don't usually provide the best quality, this model has been said to do just that as it features Panasonic's NeoPDP technology. This technology has been used effectively in smaller Plasmas and provides not only a quality picture, but uses a lot less energy.

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