Thursday, September 24, 2009

Emo Labs' new "Invisible Speakers"

Remember spending all that money on your flat panel TV? Just to find out that the sound of the TV was horrible because the dimension of the TV doesn’t allow the available room to put an efficient speaker system in them. Well now Emo Labs has created a new invisible speaker system that is actually the screen of the TV! The sound comes directly from the screen, making a more natural and realistic sounding experience from your multimedia devices. In the demo Emo Labs says in a recent study over 50% of flat screen buyers are dissatisfied with the way their TV sounds. Emo Labs’ Edge Motion audio technology is the most efficient use of space for putting an audio speaker system into multimedia devices, such as, TVs, laptops, monitors, and other portable devices. When watching the TV, the sound actually comes from what is making the sound. Like when people are talking, the sound actually comes from their lips. This zero footprint speaker system is going to revolutionizing the way you watch TV. Emo Labs is proving that, just because your TVs are getting slimmer, you shouldn’t have to give up your audio quality, or have to buy an external speaker system to deliver great sounding audio. Emo labs are the first company to release this kind of idea, and have no direct competitors (yet).

After watching the demo for this product I was pretty impressed at how good the picture looked, as well as delivering great sounding audio. This is going to be a very successful product in my opinion. DisplaySearch predicts that TV sales will be up to 188 million units sold in 2012. This is a massive sales opportunity for Emo Labs, because the smaller the TVs are getting, the harder it is to place a nice sounding speaker system into them. Emo labs is helping accomplish the impossible. Now companies don’t have to worry about making their TVs too small. They can worry about how the overall performance of the TV instead of trying to figure out how to cram a small speaker system into a small area.

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