Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dell SX2210T Brings Multitouch to 1080p Panel

Dell SX2210T Brings Multitouch to 1080p Panel

Dell's new SX2210T Flat Panel LCD Monitor has a lot of really cool features. It's touch-sensitive meaning it detects your fingers vs. another pointing device close to the screen. It has tilt adjustment capability, plug and play capability, on-screen display adjustment, software documentation media, energy saving features, a security lock slot, and 2.0 mega pixel internal webcam with integrated microphone which is great for using Skype.

The monitor features a 1920x1080 resolution, including full-screen support for lower resolutions and it is 21.5 inches. It also has HDMI and DVI inputs and like the original SX2210 (which is not touch-sensitive) a 1,000 : 1 contrast ratio and 2ms grey-t0-grey response time.

The SX2210Tis now available for a mere $469 at Dell's online store and when attached to a computer running Windows 7, the accompanying multi-touch panning and zooming should work like a charm!

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