Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 New Smart USB Monitors from DoubleSight

3 New Smart USB Monitors from DoubleSight

Monitor manufacturer, DoubleSite Displays has announced the release of three Smart USB LCD monitors. With USB connection for both power and video, these monitors are easy to add to any computer (they are both PC and Mac compatible) and their small size makes them the perfect accessory for any desktop, laptop or netbook computer. The monitors feature built-in support for Multi-Monitor Mode, both landscape and portrait viewing, and supports a variety of applications. Best of all, no additional video port, cable or power adapter is needed!

The Smart USB Monitors are perfect for exporting toolbars and menus; monitoring emails and viewing calendars; instant messenger or internet phone applications; watching movies and internet video; and viewing pc-based photo albums. Their light weight - less than a pound - and small size (they tuck easily into an average size briefcase) make them easy and convenient for travel, especially when you're using it as an addition to your laptop. The stand is removable and a snap-on cover protects the monitor when it's not in use.

There are three different models of the Smart USB Monitors:

DS-70U Smart USB LCD Monitor - 7 inch LCD Screen - Priced around $119.00
DS-90U Smart USB LCD Monitor - 9 inch LCD Screen - Priced around $139.00
DS-90UC Smart USB LCD Monitor with Web Cam - 9 inch LCD Screen - Priced around $159.00

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