Monday, October 26, 2009

Samsung's New 40-inch LED the World's Thinnest?

Samsung 40-inch LEDEver picked up your standard no. 2 pencil and thought "Man I wish my TV was this thin"? Well if you have then your wish has come true. The world's largest flat screen TV maker has just made the world's smallest flat screen TV. Samsung, which is also the largest producer of memory chips, has reported that the new LED TV on it's line measures an incredible 3.9mm thick. This is just around a third of the size of the last TV Samsung released yet it still maintains the same high-definition quality.

The 40-inch flat screen is an LED, or light emitting diode, panel TV. LED TVs have proven to be lighter and more energy efficient than LCD TVs, or liquid crystal display TVs. The only downside is that LED TVs are more expensive and not as available as LCD TVs. Samsung had previously held the record for the world's thinnest LCD TV which came in at 7.9mm thick. This was beaten by LG's 42 and 47-inch LCD's which come in at 5.9mm thick.

Samsung is known for delivering quality products and this new LED is no different. This 40-inch model has a 120Hz refresh rate along with a reported 5000:1 contrast ratio. That is all the info currently available on the product as of late but keep checking back for more information as it arrives. Overall, thin is the way to go in terms of TVs so it looks like we can expect even smaller ones in the future. Maybe we will reach a time when we watch TV on a piece of glass like we see in all those niffty futuristic movies. But until then, I think we will be o.k. settling with a 3.9mm thick TV.

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