Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iLid Computer Tables

iLid computer tableLove having a desktop computer but hate how your monitor takes up a lot of space? If so, iLid has the solution for you! iLid has just designed an LCD monitor table that gives you easy access to an LCD monitor whenever you need it without taking up premium desktop space.

The table comes with a monitor attached to a panel that is mounted on a friction-fitting hinge. Once flipped over, all you have to do is adjust the monitor to your desired viewing angle and you are ready to go. Your keyboard sits on a convenient storage shelf or optional pull-out tray so your desk is free for everything else you need it for.

The adjustable monitor angles accommodate different working styles and users are able to manipulate it in order to suit their own workspace needs. In addition to that, iLid computer workstations offer you 10" of depth on your desktop when the screen is in use, ensuring that you have enough room for both your computer and whatever you are working on.

iLid computer workstations are perfect for classroom settings, allowing professors to have the computers up or down depending on the day's activities. In a professional setting, these desks make the necessary exchange of computer and text resources as effortless as turning over a piece of paper.

The best thing is that iLid offers single and double iLid computer stations. The double iLid station offers two slots for two monitors separated by a desk space. The single configuration is a comprehensive solo workstation that is ideal for anybody who is working from home or uses their computer desk for more than just using a computer.

Source: PRWeb - SMARTdesks Opens the iLid: A New Generation of Flip Computer Tables

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