Friday, October 7, 2011

LG ISP5 Series Coming Soon

LG ISP5 SeriesWhile it isn't news that your computer monitor provides you with invaluable experience when using your computer, there are companies out there that are trying to make that experience better. One such company is LG and one such series of monitors is the LG IPS5 Series, which looks to provide an increased user experience.

The LG IPS5 Series uses an IPS panel (obviously) in its design in order to provide a better picture. Color temperatures measure in at nearly 6,500K and the contrast ratio tops out at 5,000,000:1. In addition to that, all monitors in the series also have a full 1,920 x 1,080 HD resolution.

Another interesting feature is the Dual Package feature. This makes adding a secondary monitor to your setup much simpler and also allows you to have a pretty cool looking setup. You also don't have to mess with calibrating the monitors as each one is calibrated before you buy it. You will even get a report from LG about how your particular monitor was calibrated.

The LG IPS5 Series comes in two sizes, 21.5" and 23", and should both be available soon. However, you could always wait until November when LG unleashes the ISP5P, which gives you everything you get with the standard ISP5 as well as a posing stand with adjustable height.

Pricing is currently unavailable though both monitors do look very nice, especially if you are considering a new monitor or building a custom PC. Keep an eye out for the LG ISP5 Series of monitors when they start dropping in on store shelves in the next couple of weeks.

Source: TFTS - LG IPS5 Monitors Start Selling Soon, Reportedly Offers Colors To Match Reality Itself [LG's New Line Of Computer Monitors, The IPS5 Series, Set To Land With Promises Of Impressive Color And Picture]

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