Monday, October 24, 2011

Toshiba Unveils the DX1215 All-In-One

Toshiba DX1215Reports are in on the new all-in-one DX1215 touchscreen from Toshiba and the reports are good. According to multiple reviews, Toshiba's DX1215 all-in-one has one of the best touchscreens on the market and the fancy wireless peripherals and amazing speakers give you a fairly decent all-in-one multimedia device. The only thing lacking is the mobile processor.

For $934 you can get the DX1215 with a second-generation Intel Core i5-2410M processor which, surprisingly enough, is a laptop processor as opposed to a desktop processor, as well as built-in HD graphics. In addition to that you also get 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. The DX1215 also runs a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium as an operating system.

The 21.5" touchscreen is extremely pleasing aesthetically, being very bright with excellent color representation and excellent contrast. The touchscreen is also one of the most responsive and most accurate touchscreens on the market. The glossy screen surrounded by a thin, shiny black bezel, has a native 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, making all of your HD pictures and videos really pop. Picture quality is clear and crisp though the viewing angels could be better as the screen gets significantly darker the more you move to either side.

Multitouch works impeccably and there is almost no lag whatsoever, which definitely makes the experience so much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, Toshiba has yet to fully optimize the DX1215's version of Windows 7 for touchscreens, so you may run into some trouble using some regular apps, like Internet Explorer, right out of the box. Thankfully this is something that can be easily calibrated, even though it is an odd problem to have considering how much time Toshiba spent on the actual screen.

As far as performance, the DX1215 could be better, especially considering its position as a budget all-in-one. The device only gets a WorldBench 6 benchmark score of 115, though that isn't too surprising considering the mobile processor. Graphics performance isn't anything to blow your mind either. However, the DX1215 did perform better than some other devices for around the same price. The DX1215 relies on Intel's integrated HD graphics with a frame rate of 45.8 fps.

Overall the DX1215 from Toshiba is stylish with some sleek peripherals and an awesome touchscreen and speakers. However, it isn't the best when it comes to performance and the software isn't top-of-the-line either. A lot of unnecessary software and an interface that isn't optimized for a touchscreen are definitely some major inconveniences but not necessarily a deal breaker for most.

Source: PC World - Toshiba DX1215

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