Monday, November 19, 2012

Dell Unveils 23 inch, Windows 8 Compatible Touchscreen Monitor

With the slew of new Windows 8 devices and accessories flooding the consumer marketplace, Dell has decided to not be left out of the game. Dell has released a new 23-inch, touchscreen monitor that is sure to make an impact and be an intriguing offer for consumers.

The new monitor, called the S2340T, is a 23-inch touch display that features 1080P resolution, adjustable positioning, and 10 points-of-contact. The beautiful display features edge-to-edge glass that is sure to be a great experience for users interacting with the touch interface.

This new touchscreen monitor also includes a few peripheral ports that help with compatibility. Included ports are DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB 3.0. Dell is also including a set of stereo speakers in the monitor. 

Dell now joins the ranks of LG and other manufactures as makers of new touch-enabled monitors. Because Windows 8 is such a radical change in design and relies heavily on touch interaction, manufacturers are lining up to produce displays that will meet consumer demand. New features such as the "Start Screen", the "Charms Bar", and others are designed for and work best on touch enabled devices.

While Windows 8 is certainly geared toward a new generation of computing products such as tablets, slates, and hybrid laptops; traditional desktops are not completely left out of the game. This new monitor from Dell is one of the prime examples of a combination of the old (traditional desktop) with the new (touch screen monitor). This is a great resource for those users who want to keep the power of their traditional desktop, yet take advantage of the great "touch focused" features of Windows 8. 

Because this is a relatively new product, it remains to be seen how sales of this monitor will be. While many people who embrace Windows 8 will do so by buying a new computer, many will simply upgrade their existing one. For those that have a desktop, or laptop for that matter, and want to upgrade to Windows 8 and take advantage of the "touch features", look no further than the new S2340T from Dell. 

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