Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LG Unveils New Windows 8 Optimized Touchscreen Monitor

With Windows 8 officially released to the public it is time for computer manufacturers, along with manufacturers of computer peripherals, to start embracing the way of touchscreen technology. One such manufacturer that has done this is LG. LG has just announced its Touch 10 ET83 monitor that has been designed with Windows 8 touch capabilities in mind.

This new monitor from LG provides access to a whole host of cool touch features without forcing you to go the route of an all-in-one computer, like most touchscreens these days tend to do. In addition to that, this new offering from the company means that you have the option of upgrading to Windows 8 and utilizing the touchscreen mechanics without having to upgrade your entire PC to an all-in-one, all you have to do is upgrade your monitor.

One of the most common touchscreen motions is the two-finger drag technique, which most people will be familiar with if they have a touchscreen smartphone or tablet. However, the LG 10 goes far beyond that. This touchscreen allows you to utilize all 10 fingers when performing motions, allowing you to perform things like dragging and rotating multiple things at the same time.

The monitor itself is fairly small in thickness, though it is also very nice to look at thanks to an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel and a 1,920 x 1,080 full HD resolution. Other features include an on-screen keyboard, support for a capacitive stylus and options for a ton of touch-friendly apps that can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

According to Executive Vice President and Head of LG's IT Business Unit J.J. Lee, "This is a compelling new product that re-imagines the touch experience and shows that LG is an industry leader in developing the next generation of touch monitor products. Smartphones and tablets have already proven that consumers are ready to fully embrace touch features. Our 10-point touchscreen takes it one step further by exponentially expanding the range of interactive possibilities. We believe this technology will excite and inspire software developers and users alike."

The one thing LG hasn't revealed about the 23" monitor is when it will appear on store shelves in the United States or how much it will cost when it gets here. The one thing the company did say is that it plans on making this device available to Korean customers first, beginning next month, with European markets and others to follow soon.

Source: ChannelproNetwork - LG Shows Off 23-inch Touch Monitor for Windows 8
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