Monday, November 5, 2012

Windows 8 Brings a New Wave of Touch Screen Monitors

With the release of Windows 8 to the world less than two weeks ago, Microsoft also signaled a new wave in the world of computer hardware, touch screen monitors. Because Windows 8 is a very "touch friendly" operating system, many hardware manufacturers are lining up to produce monitors that take advantage of the new OS. Electronics giant LG, for example, is releasing a new 23 in. touch monitor optimized for Windows 8. The new monitor also allows for 10 points of contact over the traditional two points allowed on tablets and smartphones.

With so many new touch enabled features in the update to the world's largest computer operating system, customers should see many new options in the computer monitor market. Computer monitors have traditionally not been touch enabled. While there have been a few exceptions, touch screen monitors have either not been very good or not been needed. With new features in Windows 8, including the new start screen with touch enabled "live tiles" and gestures to control applications, touch screen monitors are suddenly becoming a necessity. While Windows 8 can and does work fine with a traditional mouse and keyboard on a traditional computer monitor, it is certainly geared toward a touch screen. Having a monitor that is touch enabled will allow for an easier interaction with the content on screen, and will make getting around Windows 8 much easier.

While it remains to be seen how many new touch screen monitors are introduced as standalone products, there are already more "all-in-one" computers out than ever before. For people upgrading from a traditional desktop, a computer with a separate monitor and tower, the future should be bright. Hardware manufacturers are aware that many people do not have all-in-one PCs, and that many people will want the touch screen interaction without buying a whole new computer. So if you are one of the many wanting to upgrade to Windows 8 and take full advantage of the touch enabled features without buying a whole new computer, don't worry, touch enabled monitors are on the way. To find out about all the new releases of touch enabled monitors, keep checking out A Monitor Blog.

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