Monday, January 25, 2010

Bang and Olufsen 46-inch BeoVision 10-46 LCD

BeoVision 10-46Nearly everybody has a high-def LCD tv in their living room nowadays but that doesn't stop companies from trying to make the biggest and baddest one of them all. Competition in the tv market is fierce right now and each manufacturer is trying to out do everybody else, including Bang and Olfusen.

Bang and Olfusen have just unveiled a 46-inch LCD with some very nice high-end built-in speakers. As far as uniqueness goes, the BeoVision 10-46 is practically identical to the already existing BeoVision 10, which is a 40-inch LCD. Spec wise the BeoVision 10-46 offers an aluminum frame as well as a 200Hz refresh rate and LED backlight.

High-end speakers are built into the bottom of the tv and offer very good sound quality. What is really going to attract consumers is the design of the 10-46. The tv is a wall mounted LCD that measures 5.4cm thin and 46 inches diagonally. As far as other details go there really are none though it is thought that the 10-46 is to be exactly the same as the BeoVision 10 so refer to that for a general idea.

This tv is set to be released in April in "selected markets" which generally means not the US. There is no official word on pricing as of yet but the BeoVision 10 was released with a price that came just under $10,000 so be prepared to drop a pretty penny on this one as well.

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