Saturday, January 2, 2010

Connecting Your PC to Your TV Wirelessly

connecting tv wirelesslyHave you been searching for a way to connect your PC or laptop to your HDTV? Well search no longer because Warpia has created a USB audio/video adapter that can effortlessly connect your computer and your TV without all the long cables.

With the new adapter, you are given the ability to connect your computer to your TV by simply plugging in the USB PC adapter and then using a display base station that will allow you to connect to your computer via VGA or HDMI. There are two pieces that come in this adapter kit, a wireless PC adapter that connects to your desktop or laptop through a USB 2.0 and a display adapter that receives audio and video signals from your computer and transmits them to the TV.

This fascinating adapter will work at a range of up to 30 feet and supports a maximum resolution of 1400 x 1050. This means that it will work for HD videos in 720p but not 1080p. This new wireless solution from Warpia is a rebranded product that was first developed by one of their partner companies, Wiseair. Along with the audio/video adapter, Warpia also offers just a video adapter. Depending on what you will be utilizing the adapter for, it could be smarter and cheaper to simply get the video adapter.

The audio/video adapter will cost you $179.99, while just the video adapter costs $119.99. This could be the perfect solution for your computer/TV connection problems. They are now available in retail stores and online.

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