Thursday, January 7, 2010

Toshiba Reveals Details About Their 3D HDTV

Toshiba's 3D HDTVOn Wednesday morning, Toshiba held a press conference to introduce their new HDTV’s and Blu-Ray players, but most of their attention was given to the Toshiba KIRA2. The KIRA2 is the latest development from Toshiba. This LED HDTV has new features like video conferencing, 3D video, media sharing via a home network, and access to sites like Vudu, CinemaNow, Netflix, and Facebook.

The thing that makes the KIRA2 have these amazing abilities is the box that will be sold with it. The CELL Set-Top Box is a computer that utilizes the CELL microprocessor that Toshiba assisted in the development of. The KIRA2 and the CELL Set-Top Box will be sold together in a new line from Toshiba called the CELL TV Series.

Toshiba went all out to make this new product something that people haven’t ever experienced before. The Cell Set-Top Box that makes everything possible for the KIRA2 is powered by the CELL Broadband Engine. Toshiba says that this engine is 10 times faster than most desktop computers. It includes 8 processors, each having 3.2 GHz. This means that it outputs a mind blowing 200 GFLOPS (floating point operations per second). Inside the Box is a 1 TB hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Wireless HD to connect the Box to the KIRA2 without any cables.

With all the amazing power within the Cell Set-Top Box, the KIRA2 will be able to offer:

Conversion of 2D video to 3D video: You will be able to watch anything in 3D.

Assist standard-definition video: The KIRA2 will be able to take non-high-definition content and easily convert it to high-definition for improved viewing.

Convert video to 480-Hz: This will make all video smoother by displaying it at 480 scenes per second.

Calibrate HDTV image: The color sensors on the KIRA2 will be able to detect the amount of light and the temperature of the light in the room and automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, and color saturation of the TV to provide the best possible image based on the room its in.

Video Conferencing: A video camera, microphone, and video chat software will be included with the KIRA2 so that you can video chat over the Internet with compatible video conferencing platforms.

Access to Cell TV: You will have access to Internet content such as Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, and CinemaNow.

Accessible through your home network: You will have to ability to copy or retrieve any media that you store on the CELL Set-Top Box from your computer.

Toshiba has not provided a release date or price point yet, but hopefully soon we’ll have even more information about the fascinating KIRA2.

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LiquidSpiral said...

Regardless of the video type, this TV is filled with features. It seems to be a Nintendo Wii, with all the features except the games. I like the integrated Camera and microphone, as well as image calibration on the unit. I knew that 3D TVs would upgrade 2D images, but this device provides more than just a 3-D picture.