Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Basics to Buying a Blu-Ray Player

blu-ray playersIf you see a Blu-Ray player being utilized on an HDTV, you can easily see how it makes all the difference. With a traditional DVD, the picture quality is made up of less than 350,000 pixels, but with 1080p HD video there are more than two million pixels in use. If you enjoy high-resolution details, Blu-Ray is the way to go.

Now is the time to grab your Blu-Ray player because they are offering the best possible new features for the lowest price tags we’ve seen yet. Features like Web connectivity, fast disc-handling, and video and audio streaming can be found on players that are under $200. Now there are definitely some things to consider when looking for your new Blu-Ray player:

Now those who have a 1080p HDTV have full HD and are equipped to show every one of those pixels, therefore they will gain the most noticeable improvements from a Blu-Ray player. 1080p is becoming standard on most TV’s which is a fantastic development allowing for Blu-Ray to shine its brightest. It is very obvious that Blu-Ray is going to be replacing DVDs. The difference is incredible and soon everyone will have Blu-Ray players and DVDs will no longer be released. The good thing about all this is that Blu-Ray players are able to play DVDs as well, so you don’t have to worry about trashing your whole DVD collection.

The two newest features that are becoming more common on newly released Blu-Ray discs are Bonus View and Blu-Ray Live. The Bonus View is essentially a picture-in-picture view, while the Blu-Ray Live offers a multitude of additional downloadable steaming multimedia or interactive content. Blu-Ray Live does require an Internet connection to reach all of this extra content. There are some Blu-Ray models that will state that they are “Blu-Ray Live ready.” What this means is that these players lack the internal storage to support Blu-Ray Live, but if you add more memory to the player, you will be able to utilize this feature.

Most Blu-Ray players are fairly energy efficient. The majority of the newest players consume an average of less than 25 watts during playback. A few of the players provide the option of a QuickStart feature that greatly decreases the wake time from standby. The issue with this feature is that it increases the standby power consumption and therefore causes much more energy to be used.


Every single Blu-Ray player includes an HDMI port that gives you the ability to stream audio and video with one single cable. HDMI is the best way to hook up your player to your TV because it supports maximum video resolution and all audio formats. Some manufactures will include an HDMI cable, but with most it is something extra that you will have to purchase. The newer Blu-Ray players feature Ethernet ports and integrated Wi-Fi that allows you to connect your player to the Web to access Blu-Ray Live features.

Players with Wi-Fi capabilities are able to stream different video and audio content from places such as Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora. A few manufacturers also include widgets that will allow you to display customized information like news and weather right up on your TV screen.

Like I said, this is a great time to buy a Blu-Ray player. There are some new great features available on players, and the price tags are finally something you won’t wince at. If your looking to stay current with your media technology, Blu-Ray is where you need to look next.

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