Thursday, September 18, 2008

Using a Plasma Display for a Computer Monitor

Plasma MonitorPlasma television has always been the best TV to go with when wanting to watch a movie or that big football game in HD, but what about using a Plasma TV as a monitor for your computer. Does it have what it takes to beat out an LCD computer monitor?

Well the fact is no a Plasma TV used as a monitor will not have a better resolution than an LCD Monitor. Do not get your hopes down though because even though an LCD screen supports higher resolutions than your Plasma TV you will be hard-pressed to see more detail on an LCD Monitor over a Plasma Screen. One reason you might opt to use your Plasma Screen is the fact that Plasma Screens average around the size of 40 inches compared to an LCD screen that averages around 20 inches. A Plasma TV is a great alternative to watching movies on a laptop screen. There has been many times where I have gone over to a friends house with my laptop and my friend has wanted to watch a movie that I had on my laptop. The problem was that no one in there right mind would want to watch a movie with more than one person on a laptop screen. So a quick fix for the problem was i hooked up my laptop to his Plasma TV he owns. A simple way to connect your laptop to your Plasma Screen is an HDMI Cable because most laptops have an HDMI output and if that does not work you can buy an HDMI to VGA Cable. An HDMI output can also carry audio along with the video signal so instead of listening to a movie on your crappy laptop or computer speakers you can experience the movie in surround sound or through your Plasma TV’s speakers.

Of course everything great does come with a couple drawbacks. In return for getting a brighter and richer screen with your Plasma TV is that you have to sit a little bit farther away from it than you would normally have to sit on a normal computer monitor. In return for getting a bigger screen is that the screen will be stretched in order to convert the screen over from the computers resolution to the Plasma TV’s resolution.

So the benefits are there for getting a Plasma Screen as a computer monitor, but so are the drawbacks. I personally love the site of a computer hooked up to a plasma television for a movie and such, but for everyday computing nothing is better than a 20” LCD monitor.

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ckuboushek78 said...

I recently was in an earth quake. I was just sitting there playing my video games when a small tremor hit and started wobbling my TV. I started to freak and bolted for a door frame. But I spent the entire time hoping my TV wouldn't fall over. I've been looking at rackmount lcd to keep this from happening. What would you guys suggest?