Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Affordable 3D HDTV?

affordable 3d tv
A lot of the newest technology seems to be moving in the direction of 3D, but the issue for the average consumer is that 3D technology tends to be extremely pricey. 3D HDTVs are incredibly fascinating but can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Well, if you considering moving into the 3D world with your next HDTV purchase, you should definitely look into the WD-60738 from Mitsubishi.

The 60-inch WD-60738 HDTV utilizes rear projection DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. When it comes to DLP technology, it usually means that the set is bulky. Unfortunately, that is true with the WD-60738, but it does feature amazing 3D capabilities that make up for its bulkiness. This 3D HDTV from Mitsubishi is certainly not flawless, but it’s affordable and still has many features to offer.

As I mentioned above, the WD-60738 is definitely not slim. If you’re looking for a paper thin TV to mount up on your wall, this is not the TV for you. The set measures in at 15.1 inches deep, 36.7 inches high, and 53.9 inches wide. Despite the set's size, it only weighs 60.7 pounds, which really isn’t too bad. The 60-inch plasma screen features an anti-glare matte coating that is very convenient if the TV will be in a room that will have natural light in it at times. The set also features 10-watt speakers that are very loud with good bass, although they sound like nothing compared to the 16-watt speakers that were featured in Mitsubishi’s 2009 Uniden LT-46249.

The TV remote for the WD-60738 is pretty basic. It measures in at 8.25 inches and has 43 buttons. The only button that is illuminated is the power button, but the other buttons are fairly large and easy to recognize. Unfortunately, with this TV set there is no 3D mode to switch into on the remote; therefore, there is a separate remote that you must use when in 3D mode.

The next thing to consider about the Mitsubishi HDTV is its connectivity. The WD-60738 has all of its connection ports in the back of the set, which can be very frustrating if you are swapping input devices often. It features pretty basic connection ports including: three HDMI ports, a USB port, a 3D-emitter port, two sets of component A/V ports, digital and stereo analog audio outputs, an Ethernet port, and a TV antenna/cable coaxial port.

When considering this HDTV, it is important to know that the 3D transmitter is not built into the set. You will have to purchase an extra 3D adapter box that plugs into the 3D emitter port. Mitsubishi offers a 3D Starter Pack for $370 that includes: the 3D adapter, the 3D emitter, two sets of 3D glasses, a small 4.25-inch remote, and a 3D Blu-ray sampler disc.

The last thing to consider is the performance of the 3D HDTV. The WD-60738 offers lots of image controls, both basic and advanced. There are four preset backlighting options (Brilliant, Game, Bright, and Natural) and plenty of picture options that you can adjust (Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness). Although the HDTV functions well as a regular TV, it really shines when you turn on 3D mode. The 3D images have amazing depth. Mitsubishi worked extremely hard to cut down on the double imaging effect, and they were most certainly successful.

Mitsubishi’s WD-60738 3D HDTV is available now for $1,399. Really, if you’re looking for a 3D TV right now but don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for one, this is a TV that you should definitely consider. It offers some great features for a fantastic price. This is truly the first “affordable” 3D TV.

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