Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mimo's 7-inch iMo Pivot Touch Monitor

Mimo iMo Pivot TouchMimo isn't known for it's top of the line, full fledged monitors. What it is known for is it's USB-based 7-inch mini-monitors. Join Mimo's mini-monitor family is the recently debuted iMo Pivot Touch. There are many notable features associated with this little guy but probably the biggest one is that it is the first touchscreen monitor out on the market to be priced below $200.

There are a lot of cool features on the iMo Pivot Touch. The monitor features a fully pivoting ball and joint 7-inch LCD screen that boasts 800x480 resolution, 350 cd/m2 brightness and a 400:1 contrast ratio. The device can also detach from it's stand and operate in stand-alone mode. The iMo requires just a single USB 2.0 connection for both power and connectivity which means there are no extra unnecessary wires and the power button is integrated directly into the USB cable.

This device comes just in time for this year's holiday season too and, in celebration of Black Friday, is giving everybody that orders a monitor from them FREE GROUND SHIPPING which includes the iMo Pivot Touch from November 23-30. But the deal doesn't stop there. In addition to free shipping, every monitor purchased will receive a free Mimo care package. The care package includes everything you need for your mini-monitor including a Mimo carrying case, a set of iProtector Screen Films and a stylus for all touch screen purchases. On top of all that, Mimo has also cut prices on a number of products including the 720-S Mobile Slider Touchscreen, the 710-S Mobile Slider and the iMo Foto Frame Printer as well as all of Mimo's accessories. But hurry up and get it while you can as the deals end at 12:00 pm EST on November 30th. You can order the iMo Pivot Touch now for the low price of $199.99, although it won't ship until December 3rd.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

World's First Curved Display: 43-inch CRVD™

Ostendo as produced the worlds first curved display. The 43-inch and 2880x900 resolution make it ideal for anyone looking for a top of the line display.

The CRVD has an aspect ratio of 38:10, which is 180% larger than a display with a 16:9 ratio. The curved screen is designed in such a way to engage 75% of the viewer's Human Visual System (HVS) peripheral vision. The 43-inch screen is about the same as working with two monitors only you don't have to install extra drivers and have other things plugged in. In fact, the CRVD is virtually ready to use out of the box. It works with existing hardware and software.

Another great feature of the CRVD is that it claims to reduce eye strain. The makers claim that if you're using multiple monitors you're eyes are constantly moving and adjusting because of the difference in distance between the monitors. With one continuous, curved, screen eye strain is severely reduced or eliminated because the user's focal distance remains constant across the screen.

All these great features come at a pretty hefty price tag, $6,499. So if your pockets are deep enough, it could quite possibly be the worlds most perfect display. But for the rest of us, perhaps we can hope for a lower priced model to come forth down the road.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vizio's Incredible Deal: The VF551XVT

vizio vf551xvtNow that the Christmas season is approaching fast, sales are going to go up in all areas including electronics. The best way to save some cash during this season is to shop the sales and do your research. Well if your looking for an amazing yet affordable HDTV, look no further than the Vizio VF551XVT.

This 55-inch LCD HDTV has a crazy amount of features for the $2,199 price tag. Vizio continues to provide affordable and up-to-date technology. The model is LED backlit with 240Mhz technology. Although the VF551XVT is 5 inches thick, this is because of Vizio’s TruLED backlighting technology that is utilized. This is comprised of 960 LEDs distributed across 80 blocks to allow for a even backlighting of the whole entire screen. The enormous 1920 x 1080 pixel LCD screen is surrounded by a 1.8-inch black bezel which isn‘t bad, but it does have a 2.5-inch-tall speaker bar that is a flashy silver that stands out quite a bit. This little shiny speaker has great sound quality though. It features a deep bass, realistic surround-sound effect, five audio presets (Flat, Rock, Pop, Classic, or Jazz), and the ability to create your own custom sound preferences with the built-in equalizer. The 78 pound monstrosity is supported by a sturdy black stand that unfortunately does not swivel.

The remote control that comes with the VF551XVT is a 8.6 inch wand that is glossy black with silver details. All of the buttons are clearly marked, backlit, and easy to press. The control can also be programmed to control up to three other devices besides the VF551XVT.

Pretty much any connectivity option that you want to use can be found on the VF551XVT. It features five HDMI ports, a 15-pin PC VGA connector and mini audio port for the PC sound card, two composite and component video and stereo audio ports, one optical SPDIF output, two sets of analog audio jacks, a coaxial cable/antenna jack, and a USB port for viewing photos and playing music and videos. Above all the ports in the front of the TV, lie the Power, Channel, Volume, Input-Selection, and Menu buttons.

The VF551XVT features advanced picture settings that include Noise Reduction, Smart Dimming, and Color Enhancement. Smart Dimming is the process by which the backlighting is raised and lowered to provide deeper levels of black. Other advanced features include Color Temperature and Smooth Motion. The Smooth Motion utilizes the 240Mhz technology to allow the best possible picture with no blurring. When the VF551XVT underwent a basic darkroom calibration, it turned in an average contrast ratio of 1173:1 which is amazing for the price of the TV.

To top everything off, the Vizio VF551XVT is extremely energt efficient. It uses an average of 168 watts of power. This means, using the average customers rate of use, that running your new HDTV will only cost you about $3.00 per month. The VF551XVT is definitely on board with the new energy efficiency demands.

So overall the Vizio VF551XVT is an incredible big screen TV that offers you tons of features for an extremely reasonable price. This is one of the best HDTV bargain deals available right now. If your looking for a new big screen, the VF551XVT should definitely be at the top of your list.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vega: An Android Tablet

A new Android based tablet, which combines a computer and monitor into one device, will be the next device to run on the Android 2.0 operating system. The Android netbook from Acer and both the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Spring Design Alex eReaders proceed Vega, but Android is already proving that it cannot be restrained to the phone.

Vega is made by Seattle-based company Innovative Converged Devices and is slated to be released early next year. The tablet is designed to be used all over your home for high definition entertainment, including: music, gaming, and on demand web-tv, as well as chat, video chat, social networking, email, voice, SMS and MMS text messaging.

Its contains a NVIDIA Tegra processor with 512MB RAM and additional storage via microSD. It has a built-in 1.3 MP camera, wi-fi (3G) connectivity, Bluetooth support and a large touchscreen that will be available in 7, 11 and 15-inches. It also has a removable stand so you're not confined to using it standing up or laying it down.

Its labeled as being "low-cost" but there aren't any prices out there for it yet. It is being rumored that it will be available for a low-cost or subsudized price from the major carriers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Monday, November 9, 2009

LG 15-inch OLED TV

LG 15-inch OLED TVLG has just launched their 15-inch OLED South Korea. We saw a prototype of this model at this year's IFA and jaws literally dropped. This tv is only the second mass produced OLED TV to hit stores anywhere in the world. With this model going on sale it makes it the largest commercial available OLED display around.

This tv is one of the most amazing pieces of technology around today. It has a 1366xRGBx768 pixel resolution (HxV) with 16.7 million colors as well as a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. This 15-inch OLED has all azimutz angle viewing angles, a 0.01 ms response time, LVDS interface, 87% NTSC color gamut, 200/400 luminance (Peak/cd/m2) and comes with outline dimensions of 347.938x210.293x1.70-inches (HxVxT mm).

LG is planning on investing more in organic displays but this all depends on how the market finds an uprising momentum. People have been drooling over this OLED TV since late August and the thought of having it here in the states is driving most of us crazy. We should see this product hit our store shelves in December. It is coming in at a 3 million won price in South Korea which will translate roughly into $2,600 here in America. LG also plans on unveiling a 40-inch OLED TV in the "not too distant future" at which point anyone who lays eyes upon it may die of excitement. But until then, we will have to settle for the 15-inch model which is still driving us crazy.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Acer's New 23-inch T230H Multitouch Monitor

23-inch T230H multitouch monitor
With the recent release of Windows 7, Multitouh Monitors are the new "in thing." Acer has been one company that is taking full advantage of the new technology with laptops and desktops. But just when you though they were finished, Acer has debuted a new 23-inch T230H monitor.

It's bigger than similar monitors offered from Dell and Hewlett Packard and it has some impressive specs. This includes a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 2ms response time, a 80,000 : 1 contrast ratio, and an HDMI port in addition to DVI, D-sub, and VGA. It also features 300 cd/m2 brightness, two 1.5W speakers, and 160/160 degrees viewing angle. currently has the monitor listed for $372.99.