Tuesday, April 8, 2014

You May Have An Extra Monitor Sitting On Your Nightstand And Not Even Know It!

Far to often do we humans tend to get in our own way. We always tend to make things a bit more difficult than they need to be. Mind you, some of us do it more than others, but nevertheless, we all do it. Take, for example, trying to be more productive at work. There have been way to many times than I care to remember, where I have attempted to do something to make myself more productive at work. My "attempts" were met by me just getting in the way of myself. Much like the time I tried to go out and buy a new monitor for my workstation. Little did I know, I had a second monitor just waiting on me to notice it the entire time. Not sure what I mean by that? Think of that pretty little iPad sitting on you coffee table right now, or the one sitting in your hands while you read this. Behold, your second monitor.

Think about all of the things we use our tablets for. There are a multitude of different uses for your tablet. Mind you, most of us tend to use it to check our Facebook's and update our Twitters, there are some uses that you may not have thought of for it. I know I never would have expected to be using my tablet as a second monitor.

Most people tend to use their tablets for more mobile purposes, and that's fine. However, if you happen to own one but never really feel the need to go out with it for fear of it getting broken or something else like that, now you can use it in a more productive way. Keeping up with productivity in the work place or even at home can be a chore at times, especially if you don't know where to start. By adding your tablet as a second monitor to your desktop, you'll be able to give yourself and your computer a bit more breathing room.

Should you want to go ahead and use your tablet as a second monitor, your first step will need to be getting a "second display" app on your tablet. There are a few apps that you can look at on the app stores right now that will help you configure your laptop to be your second monitor. Instead of extra wires and connectors, these apps will trick your computer into thinking that you are just hooking up an extra external monitor, instead of an actual tablet. Some of the apps out there include iDisplay, Air Display, and Splashtop XDisplay. The Splashtop XDisplay is something a bit different, as actually gives you remote access to your desktop screen. Obviously with the right configurations however, you can still use your tablet as a second monitor.

Not keen on spending money? Can't really blame you, as no one is. Should you want to use your tablet still, but don't want to front even more money for apps, you could just use it as a standalone monitor. Do it the old fashioned way. Writing up an article? Pull up your research or source on your tablet, get a stand for you tablet or use its cover as a stand to place it next to your primary monitor, and type away on your laptop or desktop without having to constantly switch back and forth between the tabs.

If you don't have a tablet but you're interested in seeing what it could be like using it as a second monitor, there is nothing wrong with renting. By renting, you'll be able to test the waters and see if having a smaller monitor is right for you, or if you should just pick up a larger monitor. Either way, trying before you buy is always the smart choice.

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