Friday, December 6, 2013

An Actually Affordable 4K Monitor?

It's coming. The Christmas Holiday is finally coming. We have seen enough new tech products to make your head spin off of your shoulders this year. We have even seen some new developments and products that could help change the way we look at our technology today. New standards have been set, and bars have been raised. One prime example being the introduction of better resolution TVs. I'm talking about the 4K TV's that have been popping up this past year. Well the new trend to start arising now is the implementation of 4K resolution on your computer screen. More and more devices, like, tablets will slowly start integrating this new feature into their products.

If you're unfamiliar with what 4K actually is, it is basically the new standard for TV's and monitors everywhere. 4K is roughly, well... 4 times the resolution rate of regular HD TVs. It means that your horizontal resolution rate will have about 4,000 pixels instead of the 1920 that we see on the HD TVs today.

Since 4K means you will be getting the highest quality picture that is currently available on the market today, it also means you can expect to pay the highest prices for said top quality picture. Or some may think. What if there were, in fact, a monitor with the 4K resolution rate that so many are drooling over, for around the same price as one of the new iPads out right now? It may seem like crazy speculation, but Amazon is offering up an add for such an amazing fantasy right now! The new Seiki Digital SE39UY04 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV is out now and available for purchase at only $449.05 currently. This makes this pretty much, the cheapest 4K monitor that you can find on the market currently, and that alone makes this an almost no-brainer type of buy. It is only standing at 39 inches, so it may or may not be exactly what you are looking for in terms of a living room TV. 39 inches, however, does mean that you will be able to have an extremely large computer monitor. That is, if you decide to use it for that purpose.

The fact that a monitor can be made so cheaply and still be produced for the mass market at such a low cost in comparison is almost mind blowing. This monitor's resolution screen is exactly what any home, business, or graphics geek is looking for at an affordable price. The ability to view your editing software, your newest computer games, or fine tune your pictures and graphics for your business project in the finest detail can make such a difference at the right moment. Clarity is everything when it comes to visuals, and flat out, you are not going to find a better price for such a high resolution monitor. At least, not right now.

There are no details as to if the product is going to stay up long, or if there are going to be more models with the same capabilities within the same price range. Keep on the lookout for more products like this as this would be the perfect addition to any home or business, for the price. Also, if this is the first 4K monitor to be priced so cheaply, there are sure to be more coming in the future.